About Rebecca

Sleep Consultant & Founder of Renewed Sleep

My name is Rebecca. I have a Bachelor in Nursing and am a Certified Baby and Infant Sleep Consultant worldwide. I am married and a mum to 3 amazing and wonderfully different children. My son is 14, my daughters are 7 and 6.

I have always had a passion for helping people and bringing a happier balance into their lives. Nursing surely enabled me to reach many people in need. Then I became a mum … 3 times.

My passion extended to my babies and then young children. Meeting their needs and seeing their differences. All three of my children are so very different. I still remember when my first was only 5 months and we were camping. I was so tired! Sleepless nights … tension … then I said to my husband “this is why sleep deprivation is used as torture!” My ability to clearly think and be joyful had become more and more difficult. Sleep is important. For our babies, for our husbands and for us!

For the past 14 years I have had so many experiences with my children. I have resourced my nursing training, my community around me and have read and studied. Now having all my children in school I turn my passion to helping you! I understand, from experiencing it myself, from seeing others experience it, and from helping those who are going through it. We are never prepared fully when our little babies arrive, but we have the strength to get there and to do it really well.

I would love to help you find your Renewed Sleep by tailoring a unique program just for your little one. I understand that there are many factors that influence a baby’s sleep. Within the Renewed Sleep programs we will carefully go through these areas and help identify where and how we can do this together. You are your baby’s best coach and at Renewed Sleep we can be your best coach!

Phone: 0401 357 488
Melbourne, Australia